Raccoons as pets

While raccoons are not your typical pet, but they can be very fun pets to have. That is if you do not mind a little mischief! There are many areas where it is illegal to have raccoons as a pet so be sure to check your local and state laws. Other states you will likely have to have a permit or acquire the raccoon from a licensed breeder.
It is not a good idea to take in a wild raccoon as a pet. Typically you want to acquire one at an early age from a breeder, although breeders can be hard to find in most states. You want your raccoons to be accustomed to being handled by people from a very early age because raccoons are prone to biring, especially when threatened.
Pet raccoons can live about 10-15 years so it is a long commitment if you want to a raccoon as a pet. They do not integrate well into the wild if you decide you do not want to keep it. You need to make sure you are committed before you get it. It might also be difficult finding a veterinarian who can treat your raccoon even if you live in a state where they are legal pets. Before getting your pet raccoon I would call a few local veterinarians to see if they will treat your raccoon and ask about any necessary vaccinations for things like rabies.